Thursday, February 3, 2011

"It Never Hurts to Ask" Dress a Girl Finds

So I decide to scout around the thrift stores today to see what they would have. But before I left the House I printed out the colored flyer from the Official Dress a Girl Around the world Website and My own Info too with a List of Donations needed.

So I stopped at Crossroads thrift store in Montandon , and showed them the flyer and explained what we wanted to do on a local level to do out part. And she said " Here's a Box fill it with what ever you see in the store you could use"!
How Great and generous is that. Thank you Marilyn Lenker Director your amazing so this is what I found this time.
I say this Time because she said I should come in Once a Month and fill a box ( wow). Now who said there isn't great people out there. Just goes to Show It Never Hurts to Ask
Girls shirts,Sheets, valances,and fabric to add to t-shirt dresses
 So I head to the H.U.F discount ( thrift ) store in Milton and ask the same questions. The Manager said will we don't really get sheets etc and when we do we throw them out as they are in to bad of a shape to use.I asked her about Little girls shirts but she said she didn't really Get Many of those either  OK?
She took the flyer and said she would read it over. So I scouted the store and found some little shirts which I bought. and I can't wait to add cute little skirts to them all my stash of  9 shirts came to 15 dollars so not too bad. I don't mind Buying from this store though as I like their Mission in General. that they have to Give people a Hand Up and Not  a Hand Out, there is a difference.I have seen them help so Many family's that have lost everything due to fire etc , Or Unemployment due to Illness ,etc

So then I headed to another Thrift store in Milton American rescue workers. I showed the flyer there etc. But she need to ask her Director. So she has my info, so we will see. I was able to pick up 4 pillowcases and a King size sheet for $6 dollars though and the Sheet has a cute ruffled edge that will make cute dresses.
Here's the mistake today I forgot that there is a difference between a pillow Sham and a Pillow case. Shams tend to open in the back and are sometimes Padded in the front So don't really work for the dresses. Oh well I bought some brand New Shams for $3 Guess I should change the color scheme in My Bedroom LOL

Well I think I have enough supplies to Make Many dresses. And  for any of you Local friends, I will be Having regular get togethers at my house for any of you that would like to Help.  The first big  One will Be Feb 26th stay Tuned for Evite

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