Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wow do I need to update this blog!

Basically the short version is I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma.on the 1st of April this year. Total shock of course. So I have been dealing with Chemo treatments, side effects and generally feeling bad Emotionally and Physically.
But the Dr suggest hobbies to divert your mind from the pain, and keep you happy.
So I have been Knitting mostly, this is a project I can take along to my many appointments. I will post some pics in some future posts or if you would like to friend me on Facebook at Marie Dean Eisenhower , there are lots of pics there.

I Also have been scrapbooking here and there and some card making. I had the great opportunity to be involved with Kiwi Lanes online crop the other month and it was SOOOOO MUCH FUN! Because even though I was feeling pretty sick . I could feel like I was cropping and scrapbooking away with friends.And there was even prizes I won some Paper packs way cute paper .

I really feel the need to catch up on some scrapbook layouts too. I look at all my wonderful supplies and gadgets I have accumulated and really need to start using them.
I am addicted to Kiwi Lane Tamplates right now I love the look, the ease of use and that I am using up some of my paper stash. I was going to be helping them at the CK scrapbook convention at Valley forge PA 28th 29th and 30 of July. And it would of been one of the highlights of my summer. Meeting the Kiwilane girls and working on their wonderful booth. But I guess the cancer had other ideas.So I am so sad that I can"t do that now :-(
I am hoping that I at least will feel well enough to go visit the convention. Just on a smaller scale and at least get to meet the girls. And of course shop a little. But we will see my last Chemo is the 22nd of July . So maybe I will be over the first days of side effects we will see.

Anyway I really need to post pictures Because I have Been " Making and Mending" in more ways than one lately. I have been trying to " Make " the most of what life has thrown at me. And try to relax and "Mend ".
More to follow in the next couple of weeks. I had my 5th chemo treatment last Friday the 1st. So I  am feeling the effects these last few days. But hopefully I will start to feel better the end of this week and be able to create again. In the mean time I am knitting .
So Hi too all My Blogging friends Please feel free to leave me a comment to know you have stopped by. And I promise to Post pics soon and get this blog back up and running again.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My New PA Dress a Girl Blog and Sewing Event.

I am so excited to now be the Pennsylvania state Rep for dress a girl around the world . Pop on over to www.dressagirlaroundthe world.com and click on State reps and scroll down and see my smiling face :-)
I am so excited to be even more involved with this charity. I will now have a blog called PAdressagirl.blogspot.com that is now where  I will post any progress and announcements and pictures to do with Dress a girl. Ok I may occasionally post one here :-). But if you really want to know whats going on please Become a follower on that blog  and you will know all the scoop.
There I will also post info about upcoming sewing events and how you can be involved.
Remember we still have room at my house this Saturday the 26th to come sew with us, all dresses will be sent with a Bucknell university group traveling to Dominican Republic in March Thank you Collin Mckinney. So we Want to Load those Suitcases. So more Little Princesses can receive a dress.

So this Blog will go back to being My own creations either Paper, Fabric, Scrapbooking, Or anything else that fills my heart! and as Dress a girl is a Major part of my life and Heart now, I won't be able to resist showing a dress now and then. And maybe one day I will be traveling to be able to Dress a Girl somewhere in Person. Then I think my heart will just Burst!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another Great Donation for Dress a Girl

So I went on another scouting mission for supplies for Dress a Girl around the world.
This time I headed to another small Thrift store I remembered seeing as I drove to lewisburg from Shomokin Dam on rt 15.
It's called Sanctuary Praise ( church on the hill) Thrift center.And I met some wonderful Sweet ladies. I told them about the charity and the Pastors daughter who was there was very  willing to donate.She said when they get fabric they usually don't know what to do with it! ( well that just about stopped my heart LOL).I was able to pick up some gently used sheets, new pillowcases and fabric and a cute ruffled curtain. And even some Lace. Thank you so Much Sanctuary Praise thrift store for your Wonderful Donation . They will be used to make many girls around the world very Happy.
And all you Local people Check this wonderful thrift store out they have some nice things and great prices.

While I was there I picked up a cute Tunic top in a great teal color Brand new with tags on originally $40 but I paid $5 , a Skirt which I need to take in but very cute, a sweater 2 peice set, 8  sewing patterns ( little girls dresses LOl) and some Terry cloth fabric ( new ) which I plan to use to make Hand towels for Our Church Humanatarian Hygeine Kits. All for $15 the one tunic  top alone would cost more than that. In these economic times lets support the Little stores and Be Thrifty It Pays to save.
But I must say that My goal is for every piece of clothing I bring in to the house 2  others need to leave my house/ closet :-) so I am off to purge then Donate !
The Blue fabric on the middle right has penguins surfing I Know that is random But I think some little girls will get a kick out of it and it will make fun dresses.The Navy fabric on the left has a ruffle so will make a cute Ruffled dress.
The Packages in the center are  2 packs of Pillow cases. Yes some of them are white. But with some contrast ruffles, and straps and a pocket I think they will make great dresses.
Thanks again Sanctuary of Praise Thrift center for your Wonderful Donation

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dressses in all colors and sizes.

Can I just say I am loving making these dresses. And am quite addicted :-)
Some friends have asked if I will make them for their Daughters here, then they will pay me and I will use the proceeds towards Postage and supplies for making more dresses. So I will keep you posted on that, I will probably offer them up for sale on My sister site Boo boos bows , Those Dresses will be made from New Fabric, Materials. I have purchased and Not the fabric Donated for the Dress a Girl dresses.and I will be making nothing personally on them I will offer them for around $15-20 depending on Fabric and all proceeds will go right back to Buying supplies or Mailing flat rate Boxes of dresses to The Dress a girl charity.

I didn't want to  mix Business and Charity, But after making it a matter of prayer I am realising that My Business can help with this charity too , and after Some recents events that could have discouraged me, I am trying So hard to follow the promptings , To tell me what to do In My life. And I am Greatful That I have a Heavenly father that has Blessed Me With some Abilities to bless the lives of Others in a Positive way And that he does answer prayers
So I need to follow my heart and mind  and faith.
This is one of my favorites I had Made a skirt a while back with a panel I bought at the thrift store and knew I had some fabric left I love it so now I am looking for panels with great prints to make these adorable dresses
Isn't this Print  so cute Now when I where My Skirt I can think of another little girl wearing this dress
Here are  the dresses I made using the pillowcases donated by my friend Sue .So I have 2 of each of these I added the contrast Ribbon and pockets

The Fabric on the left was left over from When my daughter was Dorothy one year for Halloween
Along time ago

Love is in the Air

Daisy print contrast

Red White and Blue stripe I like the wider bias tape on these

Red with Blue Polka dot ribbon

My friend Vicki gave me some fabric a few months back. and I used this wonderful spring green print .I had enough fabric to make 6 dresses I have 4 sewn 2 cut out and ready.

As you can see I have been busy But this is a Great Addiction LOL
Today I had better do some housework But maybe I can sneak and sew at least one dress today!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Change the World - Dress a Girl Around the World

Change the World - Dress a Girl Around the World
Click on the above link for a great video link
I love the little girl in her heart print dress dancing so precious and the smiles on these cute girls faces.I hope I can make a difference in the life of at least one little girl

I can't wait till Tim retires then we plan on serving a mission for our church Maybe we will getgo to one of these countries and get  to hug some of these adorable girls overseas.

"Bargain Shopping" I will use this eventually

So a few Years Back ( probably at least 5 now) when the Trim-Tex factory store moved from the factory to Downtown Williamsport they had a huge sale. And what Seamstress/ Crafter can resist a good sale at a Trims and Notions store.Wow was there some good stuff cheap.Large spools of trims galore, at great bargain prices. So you have to buy it right :-).
So as I was going through my stash to see what would work for the dresses. Check out what I remembered I had Bought at this sale

Yes you are reading that right, this Very Large spool of Ric Rac 250 yards of it was only 75 cents . and I don't mean per yard

It is a really Light Light Pastel green color and actually has a flange that you can sew into a seam. But could also be Un- picked off the Backing and used as regular Ric Rac

So if any of you need Light Green Ric Rac I'm your Go to Girl. So don't buy any I have you covered LOL .I know you will now sleep better at night Knowing that right :-)

But don't you think it will make a cute edge or trim for some of the dresses.

I also picked up this Fabric tape to. I can't remember
how much I paid for it, but me being the Bargain shopper I am ,I can't imagine it was much . Probably a $1or $2  a spool

And I think with some playing around and not folding it like bias tape, but sandwiching it with the arm hole in between for the straps etc ( confused yet :-)I think this might work.

So you never know what those bargain finds will be used for in years to come.

Sadly the Trim Store In Downtown Williamsport Is Closed Now. Kristina Did a great Job at keeping it open for as Long as she could even after the Trim Tex Factory  in Williamsport closed. But you can find her at TrimKo on Facebook and she has a website too the link is on her page (hmm I wonder if she has elastic I will Have to check it out and contact her). But I miss my trips to that Fun little Treasure Trove of trims.Nothing like seeing and feeling all those Trims and ribbons in person.

Disclaimer: I do Not advise Buying everything you see on sale or in those Bargain Bins, Thinking you will use it some time. As I De clutter My House of Extra stuff I don't need I am feeling the consequences, believe me you will regret it. and your House will show the Signs Of Bargain Shopping from Past Years :-) !

Thursday, February 3, 2011

"It Never Hurts to Ask" Dress a Girl Finds

So I decide to scout around the thrift stores today to see what they would have. But before I left the House I printed out the colored flyer from the Official Dress a Girl Around the world Website and My own Info too with a List of Donations needed.

So I stopped at Crossroads thrift store in Montandon , and showed them the flyer and explained what we wanted to do on a local level to do out part. And she said " Here's a Box fill it with what ever you see in the store you could use"!
How Great and generous is that. Thank you Marilyn Lenker Director your amazing so this is what I found this time.
I say this Time because she said I should come in Once a Month and fill a box ( wow). Now who said there isn't great people out there. Just goes to Show It Never Hurts to Ask
Girls shirts,Sheets, valances,and fabric to add to t-shirt dresses
 So I head to the H.U.F discount ( thrift ) store in Milton and ask the same questions. The Manager said will we don't really get sheets etc and when we do we throw them out as they are in to bad of a shape to use.I asked her about Little girls shirts but she said she didn't really Get Many of those either  OK?
She took the flyer and said she would read it over. So I scouted the store and found some little shirts which I bought. and I can't wait to add cute little skirts to them all my stash of  9 shirts came to 15 dollars so not too bad. I don't mind Buying from this store though as I like their Mission in General. that they have to Give people a Hand Up and Not  a Hand Out, there is a difference.I have seen them help so Many family's that have lost everything due to fire etc , Or Unemployment due to Illness ,etc

So then I headed to another Thrift store in Milton American rescue workers. I showed the flyer there etc. But she need to ask her Director. So she has my info, so we will see. I was able to pick up 4 pillowcases and a King size sheet for $6 dollars though and the Sheet has a cute ruffled edge that will make cute dresses.
Here's the mistake today I forgot that there is a difference between a pillow Sham and a Pillow case. Shams tend to open in the back and are sometimes Padded in the front So don't really work for the dresses. Oh well I bought some brand New Shams for $3 Guess I should change the color scheme in My Bedroom LOL

Well I think I have enough supplies to Make Many dresses. And  for any of you Local friends, I will be Having regular get togethers at my house for any of you that would like to Help.  The first big  One will Be Feb 26th stay Tuned for Evite

" Dress a Girl Donations list"

 Heres a Link to the home page of this wonderful Charity
http://www.dressagirlaroundtheworld.com (Click on Logo)

So Here are the  specifics of what they can send me to donate for the Dress a Girl Service project (Thank you). So I thought I would write a list so feel free to donate as little or as much as you want, Thank you to all those that are willing to donate.I promise All donations will be used and Pictures will be posted to prove it.This will be an ongoing charity that I plan on being involved in. So as you de-clutter your Linen closets feel free to send those extra pillow cases My way. Check those clearance racks too Pillowcases are always on sale.

Pillowcases- any size But Light weight fabric Not flannel or jersey stretch fabric. Raid your linen closet or catch those sales, Or thrift stores are another great source, New or gently used are fine too. any color or print is fine.

Fabric- light weight , cotton, cottonpoly mix ,sheets ( gently used) are a great source of fabric too this will be used to make Pillowcase style dresses and add skirts to tshirts.

T shirts- Girls t shirts age 1-16 even small adult womens would work too. we add cute little skirts to these to make adorable dresses. Once again New,gently used ( no stains).

Bias Tape/ Ribbon- 1/2 inch double fold is best, or 1 inch wide ribbon works too. But a more sturdy ribbon such as Grosgrain is better. Packages Of Bias tape can sometimes be found at Thrift stores very cheap too, So check them out

Thread- various colors

Elastic- 1/2 inch is best but 1/4inch works too.

Postage- monetary donations towards Postage. We plan on putting as many as we can in a flat rate box and sending them to the Organizer in Arizona who distributes them from there.

Thanks so much for your willingness to help


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

" Dress a Girl " service project Having fun

I guess I have missed dressing a little girl. So I am having so much fun Making these cute dresses Here are some I made this afternoon
As you can see Pillow cases can vary in Length. But so do Little Girls :-)

 This is a smaller dress and actually a really pretty Mint green . Not the lime green in the Picture.
It's fun to Add frills!

" Dress a Girl " service project

It has been forever since I have posted to My blog and I apologise for that. I promise I will be Better at Showing what I am " Making and Mending".

 So I was checking My Face book News one day and My Good Friend Sarah Mcbride had a link to Dress a Girl around the world, I was curious so went to check it out. I was very moved and this charity really touched my heart. Every little girl Deserves a Dress of her own. This wonderful Charity makes it happen By taking Donated Dresses  to Places such as Uganda, India, and many other Countries. The smiles on the recipients Faces Warms your Heart. So I couldn't resist Helping.
As My own little Girl goes out on her Own this year to College. I know she Never had to Worry that she didn't have clothes to wear, especially those cute Girly dresses, that we just take for granted here in the United States.
I hope I can make a difference in the life of Many cute " princesses" from all over the world.This will be a Organization I hope to contribute to for many years.

So I went through my fabric stash and Linen Closet. and so Far have cut out 38 dresses.Now I Know why I was saving all this fabric. At one time I had good intentions of Making dresses for My own Little Princess. But At 17 Cute little Kittys , gingham's, and hearts don't really work for her anymore :-)
and the fact that I didn't meet a fabric on sale that I didn't like, that I just had to Buy for those future projects that I was going to get too.
 My first pillowcase dress I plan on putting a pink pocket on the front.
 I also made these super easy T shirt dresses. The T shirts were 4 for $10 at Micheals on Sale. The Fabric was from this Wonderful Bright colored nearly New King size sheet that I picked up from the thrift Store.
I Plan on Having a Fun Get together sometime with some great friends to Make many more of these Cute Dresses.But I'm excepting Donations any thing from Pillowcases to thread, or donations for postage,  every little helps.

Here are some wonderful Pillow cases sent from My friend sue Can't wait to turn these into some cute dresses
My favorite ones are the 2 on the right with the contrasting border what Cute dresses they will make..