Wednesday, February 2, 2011

" Dress a Girl " service project

It has been forever since I have posted to My blog and I apologise for that. I promise I will be Better at Showing what I am " Making and Mending".

 So I was checking My Face book News one day and My Good Friend Sarah Mcbride had a link to Dress a Girl around the world, I was curious so went to check it out. I was very moved and this charity really touched my heart. Every little girl Deserves a Dress of her own. This wonderful Charity makes it happen By taking Donated Dresses  to Places such as Uganda, India, and many other Countries. The smiles on the recipients Faces Warms your Heart. So I couldn't resist Helping.
As My own little Girl goes out on her Own this year to College. I know she Never had to Worry that she didn't have clothes to wear, especially those cute Girly dresses, that we just take for granted here in the United States.
I hope I can make a difference in the life of Many cute " princesses" from all over the world.This will be a Organization I hope to contribute to for many years.

So I went through my fabric stash and Linen Closet. and so Far have cut out 38 dresses.Now I Know why I was saving all this fabric. At one time I had good intentions of Making dresses for My own Little Princess. But At 17 Cute little Kittys , gingham's, and hearts don't really work for her anymore :-)
and the fact that I didn't meet a fabric on sale that I didn't like, that I just had to Buy for those future projects that I was going to get too.
 My first pillowcase dress I plan on putting a pink pocket on the front.
 I also made these super easy T shirt dresses. The T shirts were 4 for $10 at Micheals on Sale. The Fabric was from this Wonderful Bright colored nearly New King size sheet that I picked up from the thrift Store.
I Plan on Having a Fun Get together sometime with some great friends to Make many more of these Cute Dresses.But I'm excepting Donations any thing from Pillowcases to thread, or donations for postage,  every little helps.

Here are some wonderful Pillow cases sent from My friend sue Can't wait to turn these into some cute dresses
My favorite ones are the 2 on the right with the contrasting border what Cute dresses they will make..

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