Thursday, February 3, 2011

" Dress a Girl Donations list"

 Heres a Link to the home page of this wonderful Charity (Click on Logo)

So Here are the  specifics of what they can send me to donate for the Dress a Girl Service project (Thank you). So I thought I would write a list so feel free to donate as little or as much as you want, Thank you to all those that are willing to donate.I promise All donations will be used and Pictures will be posted to prove it.This will be an ongoing charity that I plan on being involved in. So as you de-clutter your Linen closets feel free to send those extra pillow cases My way. Check those clearance racks too Pillowcases are always on sale.

Pillowcases- any size But Light weight fabric Not flannel or jersey stretch fabric. Raid your linen closet or catch those sales, Or thrift stores are another great source, New or gently used are fine too. any color or print is fine.

Fabric- light weight , cotton, cottonpoly mix ,sheets ( gently used) are a great source of fabric too this will be used to make Pillowcase style dresses and add skirts to tshirts.

T shirts- Girls t shirts age 1-16 even small adult womens would work too. we add cute little skirts to these to make adorable dresses. Once again New,gently used ( no stains).

Bias Tape/ Ribbon- 1/2 inch double fold is best, or 1 inch wide ribbon works too. But a more sturdy ribbon such as Grosgrain is better. Packages Of Bias tape can sometimes be found at Thrift stores very cheap too, So check them out

Thread- various colors

Elastic- 1/2 inch is best but 1/4inch works too.

Postage- monetary donations towards Postage. We plan on putting as many as we can in a flat rate box and sending them to the Organizer in Arizona who distributes them from there.

Thanks so much for your willingness to help


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