Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dressses in all colors and sizes.

Can I just say I am loving making these dresses. And am quite addicted :-)
Some friends have asked if I will make them for their Daughters here, then they will pay me and I will use the proceeds towards Postage and supplies for making more dresses. So I will keep you posted on that, I will probably offer them up for sale on My sister site Boo boos bows , Those Dresses will be made from New Fabric, Materials. I have purchased and Not the fabric Donated for the Dress a Girl dresses.and I will be making nothing personally on them I will offer them for around $15-20 depending on Fabric and all proceeds will go right back to Buying supplies or Mailing flat rate Boxes of dresses to The Dress a girl charity.

I didn't want to  mix Business and Charity, But after making it a matter of prayer I am realising that My Business can help with this charity too , and after Some recents events that could have discouraged me, I am trying So hard to follow the promptings , To tell me what to do In My life. And I am Greatful That I have a Heavenly father that has Blessed Me With some Abilities to bless the lives of Others in a Positive way And that he does answer prayers
So I need to follow my heart and mind  and faith.
This is one of my favorites I had Made a skirt a while back with a panel I bought at the thrift store and knew I had some fabric left I love it so now I am looking for panels with great prints to make these adorable dresses
Isn't this Print  so cute Now when I where My Skirt I can think of another little girl wearing this dress
Here are  the dresses I made using the pillowcases donated by my friend Sue .So I have 2 of each of these I added the contrast Ribbon and pockets

The Fabric on the left was left over from When my daughter was Dorothy one year for Halloween
Along time ago

Love is in the Air

Daisy print contrast

Red White and Blue stripe I like the wider bias tape on these

Red with Blue Polka dot ribbon

My friend Vicki gave me some fabric a few months back. and I used this wonderful spring green print .I had enough fabric to make 6 dresses I have 4 sewn 2 cut out and ready.

As you can see I have been busy But this is a Great Addiction LOL
Today I had better do some housework But maybe I can sneak and sew at least one dress today!

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