Friday, February 4, 2011

"Bargain Shopping" I will use this eventually

So a few Years Back ( probably at least 5 now) when the Trim-Tex factory store moved from the factory to Downtown Williamsport they had a huge sale. And what Seamstress/ Crafter can resist a good sale at a Trims and Notions store.Wow was there some good stuff cheap.Large spools of trims galore, at great bargain prices. So you have to buy it right :-).
So as I was going through my stash to see what would work for the dresses. Check out what I remembered I had Bought at this sale

Yes you are reading that right, this Very Large spool of Ric Rac 250 yards of it was only 75 cents . and I don't mean per yard

It is a really Light Light Pastel green color and actually has a flange that you can sew into a seam. But could also be Un- picked off the Backing and used as regular Ric Rac

So if any of you need Light Green Ric Rac I'm your Go to Girl. So don't buy any I have you covered LOL .I know you will now sleep better at night Knowing that right :-)

But don't you think it will make a cute edge or trim for some of the dresses.

I also picked up this Fabric tape to. I can't remember
how much I paid for it, but me being the Bargain shopper I am ,I can't imagine it was much . Probably a $1or $2  a spool

And I think with some playing around and not folding it like bias tape, but sandwiching it with the arm hole in between for the straps etc ( confused yet :-)I think this might work.

So you never know what those bargain finds will be used for in years to come.

Sadly the Trim Store In Downtown Williamsport Is Closed Now. Kristina Did a great Job at keeping it open for as Long as she could even after the Trim Tex Factory  in Williamsport closed. But you can find her at TrimKo on Facebook and she has a website too the link is on her page (hmm I wonder if she has elastic I will Have to check it out and contact her). But I miss my trips to that Fun little Treasure Trove of trims.Nothing like seeing and feeling all those Trims and ribbons in person.

Disclaimer: I do Not advise Buying everything you see on sale or in those Bargain Bins, Thinking you will use it some time. As I De clutter My House of Extra stuff I don't need I am feeling the consequences, believe me you will regret it. and your House will show the Signs Of Bargain Shopping from Past Years :-) !

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