Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Catching up on scrapbook pages !

Ok I know I said I was making a page a day and I only missed a couple of days last week. But I haven't posted them on my blog so here they are.
I received more templates from Kiwi lane designs so was playing with spook alley border template and wacky accesorie set.
The first 5 pictures also show the great paper from Echo ark paper called "Sweet Summertime". This is actually designed by someone I Know Crystal Wilkinson For those in My ward at church. she is Bishop and Sister Clarks daughter ,The papers are available at scrapbook lady in Lewisburg or online. She has been designing digital for a while. I'm just not a Digital kinda gal :-) . So I love that she is designing physical papers that I can play with. I wish her well and I hope she designs many more great papers.
Combining papers
These are some Making memories papers I have had a while. I really didn't care for the paisley print in this pack. But Now I have been Introduced to the kiwi lane way of scrapbooking I am trying papers I would have used before . When you use just a small amount on this border and it's combined with the other patterns in this set I Love it. I actually made 2 double page layouts the same one for me and one to give away. I plan on giving this away at the end of this Month as part of the family celebration and added who ever wins family name to the top of the page.So be sure to be a follower of my blog and I will be posting details at the end of the month.
the little tag says Forever

I know this isn't your traditional " back to school page" but I wanted to use some pretty papers and to convey My daughters style in her back to school page this year so I used these baby girl papers by Basic Grey

Black white and pink are one of my favorite color combos. I made this page without any specific pictures in mind I just wanted to try out these papers that I bought from Paper loft in a pad I'm sure I will use it for some black and White pics of My Daughter
You will probably want to click on the above picture to see better details . My camera died right after I took this picture or I would of took more details This is a page for My sons album with some pictures of him when he was younger.

Many more pages will be coming soon. I have been trying to catch up a little before it gets crazy busy with my  Bows business soon.

Separation dealing with being empty nesters

Family Proclamation quote. “. Parents have a sacred duty to rear their children in love and righteousness, to provide for their physical and spiritual needs, to teach them to love and serve one another, to observe the commandments of God and to be law-abiding citizens wherever they live. Husbands and wives—mothers and fathers—will be held accountable before God for the discharge of these obligations.

On Monday labor day we had the opportunity to go to a great church picnic at a local theme park.It was so much fun to fellowship with other familys and see the little kids having fun. Our 2 kids (19 & 17) were there too but went their separate ways to hang out with their friends and ride the rides. My son with his friends My daughter with hers.Because they couldn't decide what rides to ride together . Although they did meet up later

It reminded me of when they were little and they were playing and fighting and arguing over some toy in the living room while I was in the kitchen right next to the living room.
 After numerous attempts to tell them to " stop fighting" " knock it off"" play nicely"etc etc. 
I finally lost it and raised my voice and Yelled "JUST SEPARATE WILL YOU" . It went quiet then My son Stefan said . " Woah Becky I don't know what that means but we better do it" LOL
After I stopped laughing and pulled myself together. I had to go in and explain that separate means to not be next to each other put some space between you so you won't argue.
So I guess they now know what that means now, as they knew they would argue if they were together the whole time on Monday :-)

So the same day Monday, also meant that with both our kids doing their own thing . It gave Tim and I an opportunity to walk around just the 2 of us. We rode the crazy rides like the ferris wheel and the train around the park LOL. Although Tim loves the roller coasters etc I'm a little more wary I used to ride them all. Guess I am getting old LOL. Anyway back on topic, it gave us the opportunity to talk about our future.
We were thinking about next year this time when Both our kids will be gone. My son on a mission for 2 years and My daughter away at college . The above picture pretty much sums up how I will be on the day they leave.No we were not planning cruises just the two of us,Finances won't be that good with paying for these new ventures of our children ! We were just reminiscing about when they were small  and just thinking how different it will be
But it reminded me of a great article from the Henry B Eyring ( to read the whole article click on following link) - Ensign Article - “Write upon My Heart”
He talked about when he said goodbye to his father on a street corner in New york and knew that his life would be different now .
Quote "
Parents should teach their children to pray. The child learns both from what the parents do and what they say. The child who sees a mother or a father pass through the trials of life with fervent prayer to God and then hears a sincere testimony that God answered in kindness will remember what they saw and heard. When their trials come, they will be prepared.

In time, when the child is away from home and family, prayer can provide the shield of protection the parent will want so much for them to have. Parting can be hard, particularly when the parent and the child know that they may not see each other for a long time. I had that experience with my father. We parted on a street corner in New York City. He had come there for his work. I was there on my way to another place. We both knew that I probably would never return to live with my parents under the same roof again.

It was a sunny day, around noontime, the streets crowded with cars and pedestrians. On that particular corner there was a traffic light which stopped the cars and the people in all directions for a few minutes. The light changed to red; the cars stopped. The crowd of pedestrians hurried off the curbs, moving every way, including diagonally, across the intersection.

The time had come for parting, and I started across the street. I stopped almost in the center, with people rushing by me. I turned to look back. Instead of moving off in the crowd, my father was still standing on the corner looking at me. To me he seemed lonely and perhaps a little sad. I wanted to go back to him, but I realized the light would change and so I turned and hurried on.

Years later I talked to him about that moment. He told me that I had misread his face. He said he was not sad; he was concerned. He had seen me look back, as if I were a little boy, uncertain and looking for assurance. He told me in those later years that the thought in his mind had been: Will he be all right? Have I taught him enough? Is he prepared for whatever may lie ahead?

I think in so many ways I feel just like this father  "will they be all right?" "Have I taught them enough/". Or at least enough to get by, then they will learn from experiences. Although I am excited for them too as they experience new things . My Heart also aches that they will not be around, I know I have to let go and let them fly . But it sure isn't easy. So many people have said how they dealt with this time in their lives . I think the best advice is to Pray and ask for guidance as we deal with each Time in our live. I will be keeping busy and looking forward to their story's that they will tell as they go out into the world. But I know they will return to the nest every now and then. and I will be there. with New feathers on the beds in the nest and worms to feed them LOL 

Saturday, September 4, 2010


This is My Amazing family.
I love the song playing for the music for this slide show. I had so much fun putting this together to time some of the pictures to match the words of the song.
A quote from the Family Proclamation Says"All Human Beings male and female- are created in the image of god.....Each has a divine nature and destiny Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal and eternal identity and purpose.

I Love that I have a Boy and a Girl. so I have been greatly blessed.
I Love My Son I get to enjoy all the ruggedness of boys. Scouts, camping trips bike rides, muddy clothes, rocks found in pockets, sweaty sneakers, Hot- sauce tastings, ( Not me just him lol )and all that  So Much  Boy stuff LOL he is  a wonderful son who is proud to be serving his country in the National Guard and preparing to serve the lord on a mission.He has such a upstanding countenance and valiant spirit

I Love My daughter for all that Girly girl stuff we get to do, Shopping, nails, fashion,.I love that she is a girly girl, but is not afraid of hard work and serving others too.She loves to act on stage and also in the national Forensics Competitions( Public speaking when I was in school) . she likes to look girly too and has such a sweet countinance and beautiful spirit

The family Proclamation says" Children are an Heritage from God" when I think of Heritage I think of such a treasure given too us.
I am eternally Greatfull for the gift of motherhood that I have the opportunity to raise along side my Wonderful eternal companion/ husband such a choice Son and Daughter of God
I Love Being a Mother

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Love My Husband!

Family Proclamation quote" Successful marriages and families are established and maintained on principles of faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work, and wholesome recreational activities".

I Love My husband he is My best friend, My love and My eternal companion and I am so grateful for that He lives the above principles every day and I am so grateful for that he is such a support for our family. He is a wonderful father and a great example of Christlike love for Our kids . and he is  an amazing Husband.
We are only human and as with any other couple may not agree on everything. But I love that he treats me with respect and love and that I will be with him for eternity . But as it says on this scrapbook page he is the
" Gift that made all My dreams come true"

Pages were made with Kiwi-lane templates and Bo Bunny papers

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My modest Makeovers/ Teaching My family

I signed up over at Wardrobe Refashion to not Buy one article of new clothing for 2 months and refashion what I have. I took the following pledge
I have been doing this for a little while anyway. or shopping at Thrift stores then making things over or Refashioning to fit me.
I was sick of not being able to find Cute Modest clothes and didn't want to pay high prices for shopping online. And after a trip out west to Utah, Arizona and Las vegas My Eyes were opened to some great styles of modest clothing.
Now I am not talking Long sleeves Roll neck sweaters, and skirts down to the floor LOL
Just cute modest clothing that at least covers my shoulders.
so please sign up and follow me as I show you how to makeover what you already have. or how to refashion those thrift store finds.
Be sure to check out
2 month pledge for some great ideas too.Lets save some money and Have fun while saving some of Our earths resources
By recycling what we already own.
I was going to set up a separate blog for My Modest Makeovers. But what with this blog and trying to set up My Boo Boo's Bows website and business blog to be fully operational . I think I would loose My mind if I had another blog to keep up. So i will be posting here.

So your probably wondering how this ties into the family celebration. One thing that many leaders from church teach us is to live within our means and avoid Debt if at all possible. And use what we have and distinguish between wants and needs. I think If we live these principles It will help in many aspects of family live. 
Part of The Family Proclamation states
"Parents have a sacred duty to rear their children in Love and righteousness, to provide for their Physical and spiritual needs"
Well by saving money in some areas It will free up money to provide in other areas. My goal these next couple of months is to not only save money on clothing but to Plan My meals better and use some food storage to save money also I hope this will free up some money to Plan some freezer meals ( one day cooking  30 days of meal) But that is another whole post by it's self.
So I hope I don't overwhelm you with My blog posts the next couple of months as I plan to
1 Make a page a day for My family scrapbooks ( family History)
2 Recycle reuse Refashoin clothing ( teaching self reliance and resourcefulness to my family)
3 Plan My meals better use what I have.( nurture my family through well balanced meals)
4 And share My many other creative pursuits and Life experiences ( as I strive to Nurture and teach my family). 

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kiwi Lane designs I Love them!

Kiwi Lane Designs
Today is the last day to enjoy the sale on their site It's 25% off .
If you haven't heard of them be sure to check them out. and watch some of their videos.And get inspired
I hadn't scrapbooked in a while and was in a funk  these helped me  make some great looking pages .These templates help,  by laying out your page with templates before you cut into your paper. Believe me it saves on paper and also  helps you make some great layers on your pages .and frames your pictures beautifully
. I love these templates and the Owners are so great,actually. I  Spoke to Susan in Cedar city Utah  today So sweet.

Here are some pages I have made with the templates so far,
I have Madison Avenue, Paisley place and Floral Tiny templates.
As you can see the florals aren't that tiny. I embossed the flowers with My cuttlebug . These are Beckys prom pages . the Black and white swirl paper is glittered and so Pretty . But doesn't show in the pics.
I made some more pages last night and this morning . But haven"t taken pictures yet.
I am actually waiting until I receive My New camera which will take much better Pictures.

I just ordered Spook Alley borders and Wacky accessories can't wait to receive them. So check back in this month when I continue to make some pages with these wonderful templates.
I still Love my Cricut But these go hand in hand. Make a great layout then add some Cricut embellishments then I'm done.
I plan on making a Scrapbook  page a day In September more details to follow as to why I am inspired to do this.

KIWI LANE Thanks for the Inspiration and motivation

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wow once again I have fallen behind on My blogging .

Summer just gets busy as I enjoy spending time with my family. Summers won"t be the same from Now on with a Daughter off to college next year  and a Son on a mission next year.My Mom role is changing a little as they gain that independence and i try to deal with My new Independence or freedom Not sure if I'm liking it much But I am proud that they are great kids LOve them so Much.
So what has kept me busy ........

1 I have actually made some things this summer some wardrobe refashions and clear outs to Good will
2 I actually Did some Layouts for the first time for a long time last week
3 I ( and the family) Traveled out West to Las Vegas, Arizona and Utah We had a blast but over way too quickly.,
4 I am venturing into my new business Oh the Paper work LOL But It will be my venture to keep me busy with no Kids at home ( so weird) and building up inventory
5 I am De- junking my house found all sorts of treasures I forgot I had LOL( I must let go I must let go LOL)
6 I took up knitting again forgot how much I enjoy knitting
7I made a couple of Diaper cakes  and other baby gifts.
 Well thats just to name a few things that have kept me busy lately
Familys make the world go road and I am so grateful for mine with all the different seasons. and I have enjoyed spending time with My older kids they really are adults really, great conversations, opinions( well sometimes good LOL)
My great friend Jocelyn is doing a great family celebration next month that is so exciting  check it out on her blog
Giveaways, Guest bloggers, Party favors  lots of fun for the family.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blog Award and Girls camp

Thank you for my Blog award Jocelyn

She is always such an inspiration to me and a great Mom to her adorable Kids. And a great roll model for my Daughter and Son
Jocelyn thanks for being the special person you are.

I have had so much fun preparing for girls camp this year although My health has thrown me for a loop these last couple of weeks.But  I was still able to prepare some fun crafts for girls camp. which is next week so that's why I will be MIA for a little while in the middle of the woods with 40 girls age between 12-18 and some adult leaders Hope My health cooperates throughout the week and I make it through.
I love doing it though I am in charge of the crafts all week . But it is way more than that . It is a great way to feel closer to Heavenly father as we share our faith with each other and help to show the girls that they truly are Daughters of a loving Heavenly Father who loves them.. We all need to feel loved.and they also need to know they  are not alone
So Our theme this year is He loves me
Here is the plaque we will make.
It is painted then they will decoupage their choice of paper let that dry then add the vinyl lettering.
I go all out for girls camp and bring half my house LOL I try to choose crafts that the girls will like doing and try to teach some new techniques too.So another craft we will be doing is Fabric flowers for headbands, Pins, clips etc I have had so much fun making the samples here are a few.

Also Zipper flowers/ jewlery ( Need to take pictures) .and various other jewelery ideas . It should be so much fun. I will update pictures when I get back.I have had fun researching different ideas and making some samples.

Here is a great resource for fabric for these adorable flowers, and yo yos etc that are all the rage right now. I use Fabric sample books . These can be found at more of a upholstery, home interior fabric type store. So many textures and styles. Most stores sell these when the fabrics are discontinued or some give them away as they throw them out otherwise( Shock throwing fabric away there must be a law against it LOL)

Now I have the daunting task of packing up supplies then loading my car. there is usually just enough space left over for Me  and My daughter to fit in.
Luckily I have a wonderful husband who is an expert at packing my car up. He's had practice over the 6 years I have been doing this. I Love Him for supporting me . As It hasn't been easy for him as I do what I do best that is stress about everything ,as I have done a lot of the last few weeks. LOL
I think he likes to see some of my mountain supplies actually leave the house ! I will Miss him though as I have fun with some Wonderful young women and their Leaders . I have made some of my best friends while serving and helping at girls camp.
So I look forward to more wonderful  Memories and Fun times this year.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Write it out journals and I won a prize!

Hi all so I eventually made 40 journals for the write it out project. My 80 year old Mother in law made 16 too although 10 of hers will be sent off at a later date as I had already mailed the 3 boxes.
It was so fun to work on such a great service project . Which I will continue to be involved with in the future.
So over on Jocelyns blog

As part of this great event she organized a giveaway too
And I won one of the prizes a great Bracelet made by
. check out her Etsy store
can't wait to wear this fun bracelet . I Love Bracelets and red is one of my favorite colors so thank you so much
I love this prize But that's not why I signed up to do this i did it because of the strong connection i have to the military and the sacrifices they make to keep us safe. and the great sacrifices of Military wife's and family s is so close to my heart I was so humbled and great full to be a part of this project.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Prom 2010

Here are a few pictures of prom from this weekend. It was a fun but hectic saturday.This was the dress that she bought in England last year. It was strapless But I hemmed it and added the strap/sleeve at the top. I have a previous post showing the dress before.
Our Baby Girl looked stunning . Her prom date was voted prom king this year.She's not a senior so wasn't tvoted prom Queen . But She is the Queen in our eyes They looked so good together.
anyway forgive me for being a proud Mom .I just had too share.

It's all about the accessories the theme was masquerade so she made her mask. I made her a clutch bag to match and she found a glass ring that matched exactly too . She also made her necklace and Earrings

these shoes originally had just a few clear gems on them . So she changed them out and added more gems to match the gems on her dress.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Great donation to the cause.Thanks Old Trail Fabrics

So I went to a local store here called Old Trail fabric today and told them about our write it out cause and they donated 50 27x27 fabric squares! That is an over $65 dollar value
This is so wonderful and generous of them to do so. Thanks Gary ( the manager)and Carol for helping count them out today.
So be sure to check them out online
I love this store as they Know I am always stopping buy to see what new samples and fabrics and great bargains they have. Some of this wonderful fabric  will be used to mail to the write it out project and some to start our local version of this project.
These fabric squares are great for So many uses ( there will be a list at the end of this post)

Or Check them out locally at
Old Trail fabric
3314 N old Trail ste 10
Shamokin Dam PA 17876
if going south on 11/ 15 Turn Left at Aldis then right on old trail then one block down

They have the best button table back with the fabric sample squares my kids loved playing with these and finding buttons for me when they were younger. Well they are 17 and 19 and they still like it LOL. 

These fabric squares are so great I have made purses, tree skirts, book covers ,cushions,table runners, throws
they do sell online and free shipping on some items Or all you local girls be sure to check them out.You will be finding yourself just addicted to finding another project to use these for . they also sell some great fabrics by the yard at great prices drapery, canvas, Vinyl, Upholstery, Foam .
Webbing, notions so much fun stuff.

Here's a list of the uses for thee wonderful fabrics this list was given to me from Old trail but I'm sure there are many more uses
Alternate Upholstery Fabric Uses
A: anything that can be covered, carried, bagged, appliance cover, art*
B: backpack, banner*, bookcover*
C: caddy, café curtain, cat bed, cat tepee/tent, cell phone holder, Christmas stocking, Civil War era costume, computer bag, coupon holder, crafts, craft bag, credit card holder
D: diaper bag, dining room chair seat cover, display board, dog bed, doll house furnishings*, doilies*, draft blockers, duffel bag.
E: eyeglass case
F: fanny pack, floor cushion, folding screen*, furoshiki*
G: Greeting cards*, grocery bags
H: Halloween costumes, headboard*, holiday decorations*, hot pads
I: Interesting projects
J: jacket, jewelry pouch/roll, journal cover
K: knitting needle/crochet hook case
L: lampshades*, lumbar support
M: makeup case/bag, messenger bag, memo pad cover
N: notebook cover
O: ottoman
P: pencil/pen holder* place mats, plant pad*, portifolio
Q: quilted ??
R: refrigerator magnets*, Renaissance era costumes, rugs*
S: satchels, shams, shoe organizer, shoe tote, shopping bag, shower curtain
T: table runner, table skirt, throws, throw pillows, tote, travel bag
U: Unbelievable values
V: valance, vanity skirt, vest, visor organizer
W: walker caddy, wall hangings, wall paper*, window seat cover
Y: yo-yo’s
Z: zippered ??
*non-sew ideas

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Write it out project progress so far

So here are pictures of the journals I have made so far. I also have some covers waiting for Composition books and a few more cut ready to sew and and ton of fabric ready to cut Anyone want to join me?

 17 finished journals ( well I have to put paper covering the insides of the books.
Then I have 3 covers sewn ( ran out of books) then I will add buttons and ribbon
and about seven cut ready to sew and a ton of fabric pulled out These are so addicting and Easy to make even a beginner can make these . Be sure to check out my previous posts for the link to the tutorial its a great tutorial with picture instructions.

Anyone is welcome to join us tonight at my home as we make more. If you really don't sew Donations are being accepted for Composition books ($1 at Big lots right now ) or money towards postage, Fabric, buttons. and don't forget the giveaway over on Jocelyn blog Make your pledge and make those journals then you can be entered into a great giveaway. Click on the service Boot camp button below for details

Friday, May 14, 2010

Service project and great Giveaway

My wonderful friend Jocelyn is offering a great giveaway in connection to Write it out service project This is a wonderful way to serve others
be sure to hop on over to her Blog and check it out