Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Great donation to the cause.Thanks Old Trail Fabrics

So I went to a local store here called Old Trail fabric today and told them about our write it out cause and they donated 50 27x27 fabric squares! That is an over $65 dollar value
This is so wonderful and generous of them to do so. Thanks Gary ( the manager)and Carol for helping count them out today.
So be sure to check them out online
I love this store as they Know I am always stopping buy to see what new samples and fabrics and great bargains they have. Some of this wonderful fabric  will be used to mail to the write it out project and some to start our local version of this project.
These fabric squares are great for So many uses ( there will be a list at the end of this post)

Or Check them out locally at
Old Trail fabric
3314 N old Trail ste 10
Shamokin Dam PA 17876
if going south on 11/ 15 Turn Left at Aldis then right on old trail then one block down

They have the best button table back with the fabric sample squares my kids loved playing with these and finding buttons for me when they were younger. Well they are 17 and 19 and they still like it LOL. 

These fabric squares are so great I have made purses, tree skirts, book covers ,cushions,table runners, throws
they do sell online and free shipping on some items Or all you local girls be sure to check them out.You will be finding yourself just addicted to finding another project to use these for . they also sell some great fabrics by the yard at great prices drapery, canvas, Vinyl, Upholstery, Foam .
Webbing, notions so much fun stuff.

Here's a list of the uses for thee wonderful fabrics this list was given to me from Old trail but I'm sure there are many more uses
Alternate Upholstery Fabric Uses
A: anything that can be covered, carried, bagged, appliance cover, art*
B: backpack, banner*, bookcover*
C: caddy, café curtain, cat bed, cat tepee/tent, cell phone holder, Christmas stocking, Civil War era costume, computer bag, coupon holder, crafts, craft bag, credit card holder
D: diaper bag, dining room chair seat cover, display board, dog bed, doll house furnishings*, doilies*, draft blockers, duffel bag.
E: eyeglass case
F: fanny pack, floor cushion, folding screen*, furoshiki*
G: Greeting cards*, grocery bags
H: Halloween costumes, headboard*, holiday decorations*, hot pads
I: Interesting projects
J: jacket, jewelry pouch/roll, journal cover
K: knitting needle/crochet hook case
L: lampshades*, lumbar support
M: makeup case/bag, messenger bag, memo pad cover
N: notebook cover
O: ottoman
P: pencil/pen holder* place mats, plant pad*, portifolio
Q: quilted ??
R: refrigerator magnets*, Renaissance era costumes, rugs*
S: satchels, shams, shoe organizer, shoe tote, shopping bag, shower curtain
T: table runner, table skirt, throws, throw pillows, tote, travel bag
U: Unbelievable values
V: valance, vanity skirt, vest, visor organizer
W: walker caddy, wall hangings, wall paper*, window seat cover
Y: yo-yo’s
Z: zippered ??
*non-sew ideas

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  1. Oh yeah, I forgot about their great button table! What a generous company for donation all that fabric! We've got out work cut out for us! I will use some of these pics for my post tomorrow! We are three journals away from hitting a 100 journal mark. Funny, I set out hoping to get 50!!! Yay! Thank you, Old Trail!