Monday, May 24, 2010

Prom 2010

Here are a few pictures of prom from this weekend. It was a fun but hectic saturday.This was the dress that she bought in England last year. It was strapless But I hemmed it and added the strap/sleeve at the top. I have a previous post showing the dress before.
Our Baby Girl looked stunning . Her prom date was voted prom king this year.She's not a senior so wasn't tvoted prom Queen . But She is the Queen in our eyes They looked so good together.
anyway forgive me for being a proud Mom .I just had too share.

It's all about the accessories the theme was masquerade so she made her mask. I made her a clutch bag to match and she found a glass ring that matched exactly too . She also made her necklace and Earrings

these shoes originally had just a few clear gems on them . So she changed them out and added more gems to match the gems on her dress.


  1. She is seriously so beautiful!! She looked stunning on Sunday as well! Great job with the dress and everything (what about the clutch?)

  2. the clutch bag is actually in the picture with the mask and ring etc It's the same color as the dress so it kind of blends in I will have to post another pic to show details.