Thursday, May 13, 2010

Journals for a good cause

I just wanted to share something from One of my great friends Blogs. She is encouraging all us sewers to sew for a good cause. I will be helping anyone else?
as you know being a wife of a retired airforce guy and the mom of a soldier this is very close to my heart and I like to help families and spouses of the military where ever I can.
here is a quote from her blog
"My friend over at "I Make Stuff" is an Iraq War widow. Earlier this year, on the three-year-anniversary of her husband's death, she decided to start making journals to send to other women who have lost spouses in the war, to help them work through the grieving process.

She calls her cause the "Write It Out Project" and she currently needs help filling a request for 50 journals.

The journals are relatively inexpensive (the notebooks cost about one dollar)  , they are very easy to make. This is a great first sewing project, so dust off that sewing machine you got for Christmas...and let's GO!"
So click on the link below and check it out this is a great beginners sewing project and its for a great cause.


  1. Awesome, thank you, Marie!!! This is going to be fun! We should get the girls together on a tuesday night at your house to make these, what do you think?

  2. Sounds good we should do it Heidi and Julie were asking to do that we should see who else wants too join us maybe send a email out on the lewisburg google group .