Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wow do I need to update this blog!

Basically the short version is I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma.on the 1st of April this year. Total shock of course. So I have been dealing with Chemo treatments, side effects and generally feeling bad Emotionally and Physically.
But the Dr suggest hobbies to divert your mind from the pain, and keep you happy.
So I have been Knitting mostly, this is a project I can take along to my many appointments. I will post some pics in some future posts or if you would like to friend me on Facebook at Marie Dean Eisenhower , there are lots of pics there.

I Also have been scrapbooking here and there and some card making. I had the great opportunity to be involved with Kiwi Lanes online crop the other month and it was SOOOOO MUCH FUN! Because even though I was feeling pretty sick . I could feel like I was cropping and scrapbooking away with friends.And there was even prizes I won some Paper packs way cute paper .

I really feel the need to catch up on some scrapbook layouts too. I look at all my wonderful supplies and gadgets I have accumulated and really need to start using them.
I am addicted to Kiwi Lane Tamplates right now I love the look, the ease of use and that I am using up some of my paper stash. I was going to be helping them at the CK scrapbook convention at Valley forge PA 28th 29th and 30 of July. And it would of been one of the highlights of my summer. Meeting the Kiwilane girls and working on their wonderful booth. But I guess the cancer had other ideas.So I am so sad that I can"t do that now :-(
I am hoping that I at least will feel well enough to go visit the convention. Just on a smaller scale and at least get to meet the girls. And of course shop a little. But we will see my last Chemo is the 22nd of July . So maybe I will be over the first days of side effects we will see.

Anyway I really need to post pictures Because I have Been " Making and Mending" in more ways than one lately. I have been trying to " Make " the most of what life has thrown at me. And try to relax and "Mend ".
More to follow in the next couple of weeks. I had my 5th chemo treatment last Friday the 1st. So I  am feeling the effects these last few days. But hopefully I will start to feel better the end of this week and be able to create again. In the mean time I am knitting .
So Hi too all My Blogging friends Please feel free to leave me a comment to know you have stopped by. And I promise to Post pics soon and get this blog back up and running again.