Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wow once again I have fallen behind on My blogging .

Summer just gets busy as I enjoy spending time with my family. Summers won"t be the same from Now on with a Daughter off to college next year  and a Son on a mission next year.My Mom role is changing a little as they gain that independence and i try to deal with My new Independence or freedom Not sure if I'm liking it much But I am proud that they are great kids LOve them so Much.
So what has kept me busy ........

1 I have actually made some things this summer some wardrobe refashions and clear outs to Good will
2 I actually Did some Layouts for the first time for a long time last week
3 I ( and the family) Traveled out West to Las Vegas, Arizona and Utah We had a blast but over way too quickly.,
4 I am venturing into my new business Oh the Paper work LOL But It will be my venture to keep me busy with no Kids at home ( so weird) and building up inventory
5 I am De- junking my house found all sorts of treasures I forgot I had LOL( I must let go I must let go LOL)
6 I took up knitting again forgot how much I enjoy knitting
7I made a couple of Diaper cakes  and other baby gifts.
 Well thats just to name a few things that have kept me busy lately
Familys make the world go road and I am so grateful for mine with all the different seasons. and I have enjoyed spending time with My older kids they really are adults really, great conversations, opinions( well sometimes good LOL)
My great friend Jocelyn is doing a great family celebration next month that is so exciting  check it out on her blog
Giveaways, Guest bloggers, Party favors  lots of fun for the family.


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