Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blog Award and Girls camp

Thank you for my Blog award Jocelyn

She is always such an inspiration to me and a great Mom to her adorable Kids. And a great roll model for my Daughter and Son
Jocelyn thanks for being the special person you are.

I have had so much fun preparing for girls camp this year although My health has thrown me for a loop these last couple of weeks.But  I was still able to prepare some fun crafts for girls camp. which is next week so that's why I will be MIA for a little while in the middle of the woods with 40 girls age between 12-18 and some adult leaders Hope My health cooperates throughout the week and I make it through.
I love doing it though I am in charge of the crafts all week . But it is way more than that . It is a great way to feel closer to Heavenly father as we share our faith with each other and help to show the girls that they truly are Daughters of a loving Heavenly Father who loves them.. We all need to feel loved.and they also need to know they  are not alone
So Our theme this year is He loves me
Here is the plaque we will make.
It is painted then they will decoupage their choice of paper let that dry then add the vinyl lettering.
I go all out for girls camp and bring half my house LOL I try to choose crafts that the girls will like doing and try to teach some new techniques too.So another craft we will be doing is Fabric flowers for headbands, Pins, clips etc I have had so much fun making the samples here are a few.

Also Zipper flowers/ jewlery ( Need to take pictures) .and various other jewelery ideas . It should be so much fun. I will update pictures when I get back.I have had fun researching different ideas and making some samples.

Here is a great resource for fabric for these adorable flowers, and yo yos etc that are all the rage right now. I use Fabric sample books . These can be found at more of a upholstery, home interior fabric type store. So many textures and styles. Most stores sell these when the fabrics are discontinued or some give them away as they throw them out otherwise( Shock throwing fabric away there must be a law against it LOL)

Now I have the daunting task of packing up supplies then loading my car. there is usually just enough space left over for Me  and My daughter to fit in.
Luckily I have a wonderful husband who is an expert at packing my car up. He's had practice over the 6 years I have been doing this. I Love Him for supporting me . As It hasn't been easy for him as I do what I do best that is stress about everything ,as I have done a lot of the last few weeks. LOL
I think he likes to see some of my mountain supplies actually leave the house ! I will Miss him though as I have fun with some Wonderful young women and their Leaders . I have made some of my best friends while serving and helping at girls camp.
So I look forward to more wonderful  Memories and Fun times this year.


  1. Ooh, those headbands look adorable!!!

  2. Those headbands are so cute...I am in charge of enrichment for my ward and we have a mother daughter activity coming up and those would be perfect to make for an activity! :)