Monday, March 15, 2010

Ribbon Eggs anyone!

Well I have been super Busy , tying and curling, and Glueing and pinning,and sewing, and cutting, the list goes on...........
But I am super excited for what this new venture has in store for me.
Still working on my Ribbon and Bows site I Promise there will be a link from this blog when I have it.

Here is a sneak peek as to the Victorian Ribbon eggs that I make.

                                                         I make these for all seasons,
Spring ( pastels)
Summer( fun bright colors) with cute Bugs
Fall ( great fall colors)
Christmas/ winter red green gold silver and winter blues and white.
I had great fun showing some local friends how to make these. They are so elegant and look like delicate pine cones, I will be offering these for sale on My new site.
But one of my great friends will be offering one of these Spring/ Easter Eggs  on Her blog as a giveaway. I will post a link soon.



  1. Mine won't be nearly as symetric and pretty, but I'll post a pick when I get mine done! Thanks for the idea!

  2. These are so cool and GORGEOUS!

  3. so how do I go about purchasing one? I'm jocelyn's mom