Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas

Hi sorry I haven't updated my Blog lately. I have been busy making gifts. and Its killing me that I can't post pictures of some of them yet. as I want them to be a surprise for friends.

I am so Excited for my Son to be coming home from His Military training for Christmas. Although he does have to go back out till March

I'm realising Christmas is changing so much from When My kids were small. But I am enjoying them as Young adults now . So I am looking forward to spending time with them this coming couple of weeks.Traditions May change. But then New ones start. One thing I can share is some picures of some glass etch Nativitys I have been working on. I love Nativitys and collect them when I see them. And love the spirit they bring to this season. It helps us to enjoy the true meaning of christmas.
I went to one of My Best friends houses for a few days last week , and we worked on a wonderful project together. And My Husband was even impressed and said they would make a great gift. So in my insanity I said yes and made 4 of them in a week! details to follow.........

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