Friday, December 18, 2009

Glass Etch Nativity

So this is what has kept me busy this week.

Please excuse my mess behind some of the pictures and there is a line going across the one picture not sure why I will come back and edit with better pictures
I have to say this Is not my original Idea . a Friend Shared this project with me and she was taught by someone else

Supplies used
10 x18 piece of Glass edges polished so not sharp.
Clear Contact paper 10x 18 piece
Exacto knife ( or similar knife I got mine at lowes)
Glass etch Cream  I used Armour etch ( used a coupon at micheals)
sponge brush
2x4 with 1/2 inch grrove cut down middle
Black acrylic paint

You first stick the contact to the front of the glass sticking down carefully so No bubbles
Then tape stencil or template behind glass .
You then cut away the areas of the contact paper that you want etched. With the black template behind .I cut away all the Black parts then peeled them off.
Then spread cream on the glass following manufacturers instructions.
Just remember this is a acid like chemical use in a well ventilated area . I use a sponge brush, although you should really wear Gloves I guess . I don't as the sponge brush keeps it away from my skin. I then leave My glass etch cream on for about 20 mins. I think it actually works in about 5 But I just leave it on for longer just in case.
Then peel off pattern from back of glass,
Then rinse Cream off under running water, then peel off remains of contact paper clean glass well and you are done with the etching.
Then paint 2x4 base Black then when dry Brush with varnish of your choice.
The cutting out of the contact paper to make the stencil does take awhile.takes me an hour , and if you start it while your standing you need to finish it while your standing. and the same If you start it while sitting finish it sitting. as It changes your view or angle on the glass. It is not hard to do just like tracing really but with a Knife. and you don't have to press real hard as the contact paper is really thin.

But I love the results I am already thing about other images, or sayings I can etch.

I already have orders for these for next Christmas. At least I have a whole year to get them done !
Contact me if you are interested. But in interest of my sanity I can't make them by this Christmas sorry LOL



  2. Congratulations on making the Glue, Scissors, Paper Design Team. I'm looking forward to working with you. I enjoyed browsing through your blog. It is so wonderful to see all your beautiful crafts! The etched glass is something I have not tried - hats off to you! :D

  3. Congrats on making the design team at GSP!!!! I am so excited. I just love your natvity project-wish I had seen it sooner. It will have to wait for next year now! Looking forward to being on the team with you. Merry Christmas!

  4. Oh my word....This is absolutely stunning Marie....Excellent......TFS....And Welcome to GSP design team....A great addition you are......Welcome.....

  5. Wow these are stunning, I bet they took agesa to make but well worth the effort!
    Im looking forward to working with you in 2010xx

  6. Love mother always had one just like it!!!