Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sorry Haven't updated much lately Just trying to catch up on some swaps, Work out what Christmas gifts I am going to make and keep up with Family etc.
. Every year I say I will start early and every year here I am into NOV and Don't have half the stuff started that I would like to have started.
So I Do have some pictures I need to post and I want to include some quick gift ideas too .
I am Just trying to be careful what I post as some of the things are for Secret sisters etc or Gifts that I don't want people to know about yet. So If You see something on here then recieve it as a gift . Try to act surprised OK LOL
I am also trying to get my Blog organized and try to work out what I'm doing. May need to ask some help from My wonderful writer,journalist, Super mom ,Friend with the initials JC as she seems to know what she is doing

I hope everyone is thinking about all that they can be thankful for this time of year. I count my blessings everyday, for my Family, Friends, and My faith that has bought me to this phase in my life.Seasons change and Children grow in to young adults Before we know it and as a Mother I don't know that I am ever ready for the changes. But I am striving to enjoy the Journey anyway.

I will try to update some pictures tomorrow.

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