Monday, November 9, 2009

Not your average gift Wrap. Throughout these last couple of years i have been involved in some fun swaps. One being a apaint can swap they have been different seasons themes.
Basically you take a empty Gallon paint can . Which can be purchased at Coles hardware and some paint stores for 2-3 dollars. Then decorate it with a certain theme then fill it with Goodies.There is no end to the possibilities .These can be decorated for any age group. The Pictures are some of the paint cans I have receieved and the ones I have made too. Especially this time of year it is fun to come up with creative gift wrap ideas.that can disguise the gift. Fill with candy, bath goodies, small toys, cookies, the list goes on. even decorate one in Husbands favorite sports team and fill with his favorite snack.they can be covered in Fabric, paper, gift wrap there are many tutorials or patterns online. But if you have any questions don't hesitate to call me or maybe you want to come over and i will help you make one.

Picture #1 a fall can I received the turkey has a ribbon tail and wooden beads on the handle
picture 2 back of can I did not make this one .

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