Monday, November 9, 2009

Are you sick of paint cans yet ?

Anyway here is Mymost recent Paint can this will be sent to my Partner at the end of this month. But shhhh its a secret swap . So we don't know who our partner is . I hope she likes it as much as I liked making it I tryed to make it look like a Elf shoe so sewed a shoe that slips over the paint can. it has a pocket on the side too. We had different Chelledge projects to include in our can. I will post more pictures of those once the swap is over I don't want to give my self away too much. But in the pocket at the side is a book mark and some tags that were 2 of the challedges I also tied the can opener on to the handle then slipped it into the pocket and added a ribbon Poinsetta to the top of the opener Somyou can see that in the picture. Then of course I went Ribbon crazy on the handle. This was so much fun to make .


  1. This can is absolutely adorable and super creative!!

  2. Wow that is super cute! I really hope your partner liked it. I live in florida and havent had anyone here offer to trade or swap items. Yor sure are creative, I really love your cans and the stationary stuff.